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Whom we are ... ?

It is a company of management for study and consultation in informatics; it established in 2011 It is active in the field of business, publicity and services.

We are a team of developers and interests in this field, we are also always up to date with innovated technology and we are aiming to put it outreach our customers to use it in our achievement.

The appropriate choice to release your ideas

Throw us you may develop your thoughts, discuss your needs and the marketing’s needs.

Our products is vary from desktop..Applications of both smart phones and board’s tools..Designing sites.. Infographic and a lot of services in the field of informatics technology and also helping customers to buy tools with rational price.

What do you need from SIC team ?

We are a team of programmers aiming to find programming solutions to the problems faced by users among software and tools... This is the appropriate place to release your thoughts.


In order to find the appropriate solutions to all customers we are up to date to the marketing needs, from the innovation of techniques with tools in all fields. Whether in the field of software or designing, we are always guaranty you the use of the appropriate technology.


We are specialized in different types of applications like desktop,mobile and boards’ tool,creating and designing software ,building and designing the pictures and the consultation informatics’ technology ,designing websites, evaluating standard programs, relating and treating nets, and informatics’ service.

Our customers

We are offering our services to all Traders from the small shop to medium to big companies .If you have small business project or you conduct small, medium or big institution, you are from our customer, you will find us 24h/ 24h,7/7days.

Our Portfolio

Simple and best way to showcase your works

Our Team

We consider support as important as our theme development

Our Services

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We are offering a vary group of desktop which is hole solutions of applications which work one or lot of computers to the applications on nets ,the last needs a lot of users ,work on achieving the system ERP and its correspond together with our software. we are guaranty you the simplicity ,the easy use ,continue and vital formation ,active conservation ,continues development and our product for free.

In another way our solutions is providing you time and money and the best way to release your thoughts.

Mobile Applications

We are offering a vary solutions of applications to mobiles among them smart phones and board’s tools and productive tools, business conduction, health and education. With our suggested solutions we insure you that you will apply your work in the best way in affective time.


We are offering our service to create sites in all categories: personal sites, business sites in the net , Institutions sites Or non-profit organizations ;this services for persons and societies an also we may redesign and innovate your sites according to your needs .

If you are looking for creating a normal or dynamic site contains a lot of complicated meters ,we will make you satisfied.

Publicity, Design and Multimedia

We offer a vary collection of designing which is : different types of Slogans, work cards, publicity boards of all sides .We are also creating modals of D2 and D3 to photograph and video exhibition .We have the experience in lot of programs’ designing which give you the best solutions. Our designing contains new words and images to present your service with preside , concise and creative way.

Technical Consultation

We are helping and supporting the companies to administer and apply this new information system which they want to use and giving sacred advices, handle they specific problems, we may offer a some help in one stage from the project stages .We have the skill of LGE, consultation, administration and art which lead you to the best result.

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